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February 7, 2019


hi guys!!! the picture up there resemble my mood for now.
Alhamdulillah..... i got to leave office early today. Since some of you ask me where do i work.
what i do for living i just gonna drop some hint.
i work in kuala lumpur  but i stay in damansara (for good). 
i work in the office nothing really different here only that i didn't work for 8 hours clocking time.
 i will be paid by the result. If the result / sales i brought in were considered good enough
 i can go home regardless what time it is.
some of you might know this kind of job . Sounds fun isn't ?
But this job also got challenges too just like any other industries.

2 months being a wife to shyafiq change my perspective about life taught me patience,sincerity and also responsibility. i learn to tolerate more and accepting his flaws as he can also cope with mine.
eventhough his new hobby is to gas me whenever he can. not to mention the smell. I swear to god if was born genius like einstein i might weaponize his fart to beat  atomic bom at nagasaki during the cold war.

i hope he wont read this...

incase you read this husband...
i would like to tell you that i love you so much regardless how smelly your fart is.


for now i just wanna save more money for our vacation and also for house deposit.
i also will  start my project x (side income). To those who keep downgrading me , thank you. You made me want to do better. To those who keep spreading fitnah,backstab me(because i can tell) i hope  ALLAH will give you happiness so you will forget mine. inshallah 

P/S : let's pray for better luck on 2019 !