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Hello nyah nyah semua. (astaghfirullohalajim) today aku nak update tentang satu program berlari lari anak yang aku attend last week.FYI program lari lari yang dinamakan colour run ni dah lama ada, tapi aku je bimboo baru tahu. benda ni nationwide. almost every country ada. my boyfriend la bertanggungjawab mengajak aku join event ni 3 bulan lepas.Bagi yang mengenali aku secara dekat mereka tahu yang aku mana suka pergi program lari lari ni. kalau kau suruh hiking ke, kayaking ke benda benda masuk hutan ke aku suka. tapi kalau suruh aku lari mintak maaf la sister susah sikit la. Lagipun program ni program berbayar . aku kena bayar rm80 3 months ago. sebab aku early bird. kalau last minute engko beli harga dia rm90. aku ambik regular pax je. boyfriend aku ambik deluxe (rm120). mesti dalam kepala otak korang fikir nak lari pun kena bayar ke? weh berbaloi weh sumpah . dah la macam macam merchandise dia bagi. aku ada update  last week rupa  bentuk merchandise dia. nak tahu ? rajin rajin la ba…
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World Of Our Own. UNA X SHYAFIQ

hello guys.

lama tak menulis. harini sistur nak buat sesi luahan perasaan sedikit. as you know
i am currently with shyafiq Ashraf , my love and bestfriend. we are together for 10 months now. baru lagi .. and yet because i dah tua kitorang macam dah kena start fikir for the next move. 
aku bukanlah manusia yang tergesa gesa untuk bernikah. next move ini bermaksud to get both of us a stable career first walaupun ramai cakap rezeki dari ALLAH, tapi ini tidak bermaksud kita kena bertindak melulu .awak khawin mak ayah sponsor janganlah banyak cakap.
NO, just shhhh okay?

just duduk je kau diam diam kat situ. hahaha. sebagai manusia yang boros (mengaku)
aku hendak juga melatih diri untuk mengawal nafsu aku. bagi yang mengenali aku diorang tahu aku 
dan sephora tidak dapat dipisahkan . ibarat aur dan tebing , isi dan kuku, minyak dan kuali dan perumpamaan lain yang semaksud dengannya.

i am not demanding. all the things i have now, is 100% comes from my hardwork and effort.
aku malas nak cerita banyak …


hi everyone! today i'm gonna do a quick review on hannan medispa treatment. 100% genuine and this is not a sponsored post because i am not that famous, i don't really have a reader which makes my entry is just an honest review.
where is it located?  dekat twosquare pj state but in the map they stated that it is at damansara. but it is actually located  at two square.
so this is bella on her 3rd treatemnt. my cousin got a severe acne problem and pigmentation. and she is PANTANG JUMPA  kinda person. she cannot eat seafood and belacan. hopefully she gonna stop eating that for a while. since this treatment cost her a lot of money already.
so this is how the front desk of hannanmedispa looks like.

and this is the logo . looks good!

okay this is inside the treatment room. i really like every inch of this place. the decoration is very clean and air feel fresh as well. the staff were also very friendly and well trained.
bella took the 6 session of treatment which comes with a package. based on doc…

new feature for iphone and selamat berpuasa

hello , welcome back to my blog! 
haha acah acah ada orang baca.

okay first of all. just like the title iphone do some major changes on the apps. which something I HAVE BEEN ASKING FOR YEARS ALREADY WHEN IPHONE would make it happened?

for some who dont get the news yet , iphone finally upgraded their system so we can screen record. didn't get what the hype is about?

lemme enlighten you then.

this one is from my bf's iphone. kita ni pakai iphone 7 pun lambat upgrade. sebab dia pakai beta version so dia punya phone dapat dulu.

why i'm excited? if you guys have been following me since my college year you'd know that i love making tutorial so having this on my phone would make it easier. 

talk about efficiency! XD

itu belum cerita how you can easily recorded a youtube clip and post it on your instagram. since youtube ni dia punya copyright agak menyusahkan kita kalau nak buat post lagu ke klip kegemaran dekat intagram so having this feature would come in handy.

YAY!!! XD (happy teti…

freaky friday , myeongdong and etc (una life update ) XD

well hello everyone. it's been a while . i was busy with work and  most of the time that i'm not here, i spend it on my facebook and instagram. teheee XD .  we are already at the mid year of 2017!!did you guys feeling old yet? and it's been 7 years plus since this blog was established . when i was just 18 plus years(19) . and this year i am already 26. this blog is like my baby and will always be my baby. he kept my secrets(unpublished post) and also "captured" my emotion and best memories since i was in college until now. i was just blessed by my friends and family that makes my life worthwhile.

so today 26 may 2017 , my cousin purposely wake me up in the morning for breakfast and some window shopping. i know it might seems like unusual breakfast we had there in the picture. who eat that much in the morning right? and what kind of breakfast we had ? even korean didn't eat that kind of food in the morning. 

we went to sunway pyramid because my cousin want to buy so…


hello guys.

dah sebulan lebih aku tak update kan? rindu blog ni. rindu nak menulis.
actually aku ada banyak benda nak tulis akan tetapi masa amat mencemburi saya.

hubungan aku dengan mr paco pun bukan lagi rahsia.dulu aku letak nama dia mr paco sebab konon konon taknak bagi orang terdekat kami tahu. tapi oleh sebab dah kantoi haritu so why not? HAHAHA

shyafiq Ashraf nama dia. muda setahun dari aku. 

FYI dia ni orang yang sama aku cerita tahun lepas. ye, dia bos aku.

aku taknak bagitahu aku kerja dekat mana and company apa. 
cukup aku cakap kitorang kerja satu company. that;'s it.

selama ni aku asyik update pasal makeup je jarang nak tulis macam ni kan. 

oleh sebab gangguan yang aku terima terpaksalah aku tukar no. dan aku buat keputusan taknak bagi no ni kepada sesiapa yang mengenali DIA (ex aku) dan kawan kawan college yang cari aku tu. aku betul betul mintak maaf. sebab selama berapa tahun sejak kita habis belajar pun korang jarang je nak call aku. 

so  it is not relevent to give out my n…

stress and make up haul (kinda) x (hidup kena chill)

well hello.

it's been a while. i've gone through a hell tiring month. a lot happened this month. i met an accident which is pretty bad because it is causing injury and change my face  fracture a bit. tons works to do make me feels like i need to have my own treat . like an emotion treatment.

after recovered, i went to spa to relax my body muscle and ease my back pain which i got from that accident. and later i bought a few make up stuff in which i have been eyeeing for a quite sometimes


today i went to sephora again to find these two, which as expected  out of stock. last week i purchased the melted chochlate milkshake in tube as you can see in the background, because that is the only colour that is quite similar to these two. if you guys happened to go to sephora you'd know. these melted lip matte from too faced in code "cool girl" and "sell out" always out of stock. which is not only my favourite but also a make up artist and popular among famous i…