January 12, 2017

2017 so called misson and a fun day out with mr paco.

dear diary ..

yesterday was quite a fun day out. my boyfriend decided to watch two movies instead of one. we watched the rival and allied. the review? i must say these two movie carries too much emotions and quite heavy for me. but still thank you for asking me out . after the movie he took me to the garden klcc and i swear to god yesterday was the first time i lay my foot on klcc garden in the nightime. so we decided to snap some beautiful picture of that building.  he is quite romantic and sassy for an outgoing and mysterious guy.

i am a sucker for picture and video so i won't let that chance slip away. so here is my humble picture from my decent iphone 7.

i'm not good with angle so.. hahaha XD

my boyfriend get himself a new kick which makes me want to get one for me too. that new kicks looks nice tho. i must get one since i am already started hitting the gym this month.

and to my gym  pal thank you for helping me out . i guess it is a good start for me to balance my both diet and exercise routine. 

since i'll be quite free until march i thought this is a good opportunity for me to really set my path, getting focus and get in shape in a proper way , and monitor it on daily basis..

but let's not just talk about it shall we?

may the odds be ever with my favour.


una mn

December 29, 2016

day out with mr paco and make up wishlist

ola people.

yesterday was a  really really happy day for me.  my boyfriend a. k. a mr paco asked me on a date. 
at first it is kinda awkward since i am not familiar with klcc. we're watching assassin creeds since he is a big fan of that game. i'm just cool with that ya know since i am also into that genre
. after the movie, we're hanging around shop after shop.  the sale makes me losing my mind.. 



and then i treat him dinner at my fav korean restaurant. He continuosly joking to leave since he's not a fan of korean food..  he eat slowly and i swear to god i can see he's chewing his food with teary eyes. Oh my man.. how tolerable you are. sorry  XD 

thanks for the date boo. i am truly appreciate that.

later on i go to sephora. god gracious.. there are so many things i'd love to have. 

and surprisingly my boyfriend asked me

" highlighter tak nak?" 
i was like.. 

"how did you know that??" wow... 

so this is a make up list that i want.

a tarte pallete
naked 3 pallete

and the rest would be skincare routine . i also decided to start consume vitamin c since i am getting older. fix my eyebrows a bit and also my jaw. 

this means... CASH MONEY NEEDED FAM....

let's just say i can't wait for my bonus. may the retreat went well.

may everything i ever wish coming in my way. 


December 26, 2016


ola people.

semalam kan .. lepas balik keja je aku siap siap keluar dengan cousin aku . memandangkan semalam christmas jadi banyaklah manusia berkeliaran di pyramid tu. sampai tempat makan pun penuh guys.. 
boleh paham tak guys?

lepastu aku pergi ke jd sports dekat situ.. subhanallah punyalah banyak baju tengah sales. aku kan antara peminat sweaters . so aku pun tertarik dengan satu jacket tak ada hoodie ni. dia warna merah kalau pakai dengan seluar dia memang smart gila nak mati. ni kalau ko keluar pakai baju ni guys,.

sure sure ramai mata memandang memuji ke-swag-an kau itu. 

namun begitu aku menyedari .. kalau kau gemuk kau pakai swag mana pun orang tetap herdik kau
jugak.. tak guna betul netizen ni kan?

ni antara sweater yang tengah sale kat sana. semua original weh.ada yang original from uk!!!
sebab tu la ramai beratur semalam. dekat setengah jam gaklah aku beratur nak bayar semalam. ni aku syak kalau aku ada kredit kad memang meraung la aku nak bayar balik hujung bulan.

mujur aku tak ada

mujur.. HAHAHA

ni sweater aku belikan untuk dia semalam. original price dia rm339.
tapi dapat diskaun guys. so baik korang pergi grab cepat! XD

boyfriend aku suka pakai snapback tapi aku tak sure dia suka ke tak jenis ni
kalau dia suka nak je aku beli. sebab aku meman jenis suka tengok dia bergaya.siapa tak suka? lolz. 

oleh sebab 4-6 january ni aku nak pergi short get away. so aku kena save duit sikitlah. kalau tak sah sah aku dah beli macam macam semalam.

apa apa pun aku happy sebab dia terima benda aku belikan untuk dia semalam. felt appreciated 
hope awak pakai tau.

love you :P