August 20, 2016

Positive Vibe, Positive Life :)

i am not a fans of cerita cinta. dulu zaman zaman remaja adalah layan sikit sikit. tapi sekarang ni kurang. 
tapi ada 1,2 cerita cinta melayu yang aku boleh kata memberi impak pada aku. contohnyaaaaa

cerita manisnya cinta di cappadocia and istanbul aku datang. 

urm... aku paling suka watak positif ifti yang fazura bawak tu. dia macam seorang positif dan sangat tenang membuatkan aku rasa aku perlu jadi macam dia jugak. Sejak beberapa kebelakangan ni aku senang menangis. asal stress je aku menangis. asal stress je menangis. aku rasa aku patut stop berkelakuan kebudak budakan walaupun nature aku macam tu. 

and watak lisa dalam cerita istanbul aku datang pun aku suka jugak. bagi aku. karakter aku lebih dekat dengan karakter lisa dalam cerita tu cuma dia cantiklah aku tak.hahaha.

selfless. senang kena tipu. selalu happy tapi senang menangis. itu aku.

but pain always change people.


aku tak boleh selamanya macam ni kan? aku nak berubah . i have to

dunia ni kalau lembut sangat orang pijak. kejam sangat orang benci.

jadi kenalah jadi medium. May everything getting better soon.

oh thanks to my bestfriend pujuk aku semalam. sampai bila bila pun aku sayang kau, but no worries as a friend only. tapi lepas nangis semalam aku rasa lega sangat sangat.tidur pun sampai 12 jam.My body need rest as well as my brain. 

tadi aku timbang ada la jugak turun. sikit je la tapi. but nvm a little goes a long way. daripada tak ada progress langsung kan ?




August 11, 2016

felt relieved and a new project running in?

dear diary

yesterday was the day . the day i told him about my feelings. it's really awkward . he allready knew. all this while .. he knew. but he act normal. i like to be his friend. i just hoping that everything will be the same like before. only god know how relieved i am . 

he is a good man despite of  everyone say about him. he has a good heart. that is value that is not everyone have. he didn't push me away and still  wanna be friends with me. this what makes me love him even more. i meant as a friend. it's time for me to move on. i'll always pray for his happiness and mine too. 

i'll just focus on my work and building my self confidence is too early to tell you guys about this but i am dying to share it now. let me just say that i am up to something. something really big . if the project went well, i could say bye bye to my current company and probably retired young..

sounds great right? i'll just focus on the progress and stars gaining as much information as i could.

this would take up most of my time. so i need to manage my time properly. i dont want put so much expectation on this. if it's working,,, good for me. if it's not.. there's always a plan  b,c,d and e.

till then 

una mn

August 10, 2016


hey guys.. i'm back..

so as u know i am currently working in damansara. so my schedule is not fix but i am truly enjoy myself working there despite of the expensive-ness.

even a banana would cost me so much. (no joke)

so few days ago i went to the curve. me and my cousins were having a brunch at zawara coffee. food was nice, drinks were super good especially mine. i had a chochlate chip frappe and i ordered myseld a burger in which i already forget the name was, a churros with chochlate dip and a buffalo chicken wings.

the price is just a standart price like the normal fancy shemancy fast food  restaurant would cost you. so don't be scared to give it a try. because i was making a lil bit extra money  so i paid the bills . i only need to pay rm142 for 4 person serving and extra 2 side orders. (even cheaper than secret recipe)

so if you guys looking for a place to chill, you should visit this place. (it is located at the street the curve. you need to make a right turn in the corner once you see ben's restaurant)

after that, we went to shop a few things and just look around for sales...
anddddddddd guess whom i bumped into? his gf. 

but anyways.. she's cute though... and also...

we're enjoying a live band at asam pedas. it was so cool. after a quite a long time, i finally found peace. it was just so calming and chill evening. feels like revisit the place for a sake of a good music. i did a video but this blog couldn't support the media. if you guys wants to watch it .. just go on my instagram or facebook.

till  then ,