December 1, 2016

Dear you : human nature

Dear You,

It's december already.

I know i can't force you into anything you don't wanna involved with.

After our meet up last sunday, 
I set so many hopes on you.

I hope you'll miss me  in which i know you won't
I hope you you"ll find me, huh what am i thinking?

You are doing just fine without me.
Maybe your life getting better  without me interrupting you days and night.

I come into conclusion;

No matter how good you are to people, you can always be replace and forgetten.

It's not that hard for people to forget me since i got no specialities and ugly as fuck.
It's human nature to just remember or cling with a beautiful thing. 

Whatever i said to you on sunday with my shaky voices is truly from bottom of my heart.

I know i've been crazy, i talk to many people, and being friendly
But i've never treat other guy the same way i treated you. 
I know there are my attitude that made you felt that i am not serious too and i am sorry.

If you want me to change , i'll change for good honey.
Just say it.

Since it is not a good thing pun to hit a guy just because they made me angry.
I know i am a female and should act like one.

I will honey i will.

I miss your stupid jokes, your facial expression , And your gentle and soft sides.

 I am actually missss you and sort of mad since you are being busy with your works.

I can't force you to meet me anyway.. I'll try to understand you 

You said you wanna try, i hope you will.

But since false hope will hurt me even more i'll just think you are joking.

November 21, 2016

Selfcare 2016

Ola people,

There is up and down in life it's normal. I am making a final 
Decision here. After a few years being super duper ugly, 
I finally want to change for good. I wanna be pretty. 

Dress well and start taking care of my skin,Losing some more weight
And  toning my body in a cheaper way . I want to hit the gym but you know it is
Impractical to me .

My main concern now is my chest area ,hips and tigh

I want to loose some fat in my chest area and belly. 

I  set my target already. I want to achieve at least 60kg by the end of this december.
Andd then slowly getting my 50kg body back . 

I will also searching for medication to brighten up my skin and started to wear lenses and 
Get my lashes a bit thicker. Sound exciting right? 

Hell yeah. I got 1 month and 9 days. Left for the mission. 
Wish me luck okay guys?  Love,

Una Mn

Feeling lost and the grumpy "fat" cat

Dear diary
Life kinda hard these days. I feel lost. 
I lost my bestfriend. Yes, you. You are my bestfriend.
My boyfriend and my love one. 

Only god know how important you are to me.
I am trying my best to stop bothering you. 
I am happy to see you today.

Eventhough with a long face of yours.
Honey, what is wrong? Why you look so angry 
And grumpy? 

I want to see you smile like you usually do.
Just smile baby. Smile ;)

And oh i am also starting my diet okay honey boo.
And guess what? 
I lost 3kg in a week! 
You can't really see it because it just a small figure.

I know you might not read this. But if you
Happen to read this .. so this is my update.

Cause it is just my habit to talk to you ,
I just can't let go of that habit.

I want to hear your story too. 
I miss your happy voices,your laugh and

So what is new thing on your collection this week?
As a shoppaholic guy you might get a new thing
This week. 

I notice you are getting thinner. I can't really see
Your fat belly.

I am predicting myself to reach 60kg by the end of this december.
I need your moral support, love.