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May 26, 2017

freaky friday , myeongdong and etc (una life update ) XD

well hello everyone. it's been a while . i was busy with work and  most of the time that i'm not here, i spend it on my facebook and instagram. teheee XD . 
we are already at the mid year of 2017!!did you guys feeling old yet?
and it's been 7 years plus since this blog was established . when i was just 18 plus years(19) .
and this year i am already 26. this blog is like my baby and will always be my baby.
he kept my secrets(unpublished post) and also "captured" my emotion and best memories since i was in college until now. i was just blessed by my friends and family that makes my life worthwhile.

so today 26 may 2017 , my cousin purposely wake me up in the morning for breakfast and some window shopping. i know it might seems like unusual breakfast we had there in the picture. who eat that much in the morning right? and what kind of breakfast we had ? even korean didn't eat that kind of food in the morning. 

we went to sunway pyramid because my cousin want to buy some electric appliances at harvey norman for her bussines setup and bella wants to purchase the all new samsung s8 (i am so jealous), and if you guys are k lovers like them , you can eat this at the level 4/3 i'm not sure but it is located at food street. the restaurant name is myeongdong topokki.

i hope you guys pronounce it properly because if you pronouced it wrong, all the makcik will pandang serong to you. you know in BAHASA what topokki is. i mean ya.dont make me spell it for you.  :'D

this one is like side dishes for me. i order rabuki in which contain topokki (kuih beras) and maggie kinda thing. the sauce is spicy but really thing i love about this place is this place serve a very tasty dishes comes in set with drink and the price is so cheap. like very very very cheap.
and you can drink until you bloated because the green tea comes with free refill (3 times only). 
things that i hold in the picture is chicken dumpling. it was deep fried but the taste is good it is not oily at all. perfect for your lunch or dinner treat. or whenever want to eat cause you know good food deserved appreciation. AND it is HALAL guys. ya, HALAL. no pork no lard. 

and this is my cousin whom that i mentioned earlier. let pray for 
her bussiness and may her dreams comes true. 

May 5, 2017


hello guys.

dah sebulan lebih aku tak update kan? rindu blog ni. rindu nak menulis.
actually aku ada banyak benda nak tulis akan tetapi masa amat mencemburi saya.

hubungan aku dengan mr paco pun bukan lagi rahsia.dulu aku letak nama dia mr paco sebab konon konon taknak bagi orang terdekat kami tahu. tapi oleh sebab dah kantoi haritu so why not? HAHAHA

shyafiq Ashraf nama dia. muda setahun dari aku. 

FYI dia ni orang yang sama aku cerita tahun lepas. ye, dia bos aku.

aku taknak bagitahu aku kerja dekat mana and company apa. 
cukup aku cakap kitorang kerja satu company. that;'s it.

selama ni aku asyik update pasal makeup je jarang nak tulis macam ni kan. 

oleh sebab gangguan yang aku terima terpaksalah aku tukar no. dan aku buat keputusan taknak bagi no ni kepada sesiapa yang mengenali DIA (ex aku) dan kawan kawan college yang cari aku tu. aku betul betul mintak maaf. sebab selama berapa tahun sejak kita habis belajar pun korang jarang je nak call aku. 

so  it is not relevent to give out my number pun kan? any urgent matters boleh contact aku dekat facebook and twitter. 

seems selfish and apa orang kata tu berlagak? i am not. pedulilah orang nak cakap apa it is not my intention. seems evil cause nak terus cut connection like that.

mula mula kami berpisah he seems cool je .. nothing aku pun move on okay je. lepas tu dia buat perangai meroyan dia kau rasa? please respect my own personal space. 


i change my number for good. it will help you to move on too. PAST IS PAST.

and ada jugak pergi komen dekat gambar yang aku post tanya is it your new bf una?

babe aku tahu kau dulu terkenal dengan mulut laser kau but PLEASE HAVE SOME RESPECT.


bitch please , kau act macam aku ni slut ke apa tukar tukar boyfriend?


setahu aku kau je selalu tukar boyfriend sejak sekolah menengah setahun 3,4 kali mengalahkan TAYTAY (taylor swift) *tiupkuku*

lepas tu nak bising riuh yang aku bercinta  8 tahun lepastu  putus. WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?

it simply because kitorang tak ada jodoh. don't you get it?
kau pun bercinta sampai tak cukup jari aku nak kira ex kau..  aku tak cakap apa pun

sekarang kau usik aku . kau silap la. 

fuh lama betul aku tak marah kan. hahaha aku ingat last aku tulis camni masa zaman college dulu.

penuh dengan emotion. but it is all true. mulut orang tak boleh tutup tapi kadang kadang
kita kena beri pengajaran sikit dekat orang macam ni.

k japgi nak post benda lain pulak.

bye ttyl.