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day out with mr paco and make up wishlist

ola people.

yesterday was a  really really happy day for me.  my boyfriend a. k. a mr paco asked me on a date.  at first it is kinda awkward since i am not familiar with klcc. we're watching assassin creeds since he is a big fan of that game. i'm just cool with that ya know since i am also into that genre . after the movie, we're hanging around shop after shop.  the sale makes me losing my mind.. 



and then i treat him dinner at my fav korean restaurant. He continuosly joking to leave since he's not a fan of korean food..  he eat slowly and i swear to god i can see he's chewing his food with teary eyes. Oh my man.. how tolerable you are. sorry  XD 

thanks for the date boo. i am truly appreciate that.

later on i go to sephora. god gracious.. there are so many things i'd love to have. 
and surprisingly my boyfriend asked me
" highlighter tak n…


ola people.

semalam kan .. lepas balik keja je aku siap siap keluar dengan cousin aku . memandangkan semalam christmas jadi banyaklah manusia berkeliaran di pyramid tu. sampai tempat makan pun penuh guys.. 
boleh paham tak guys?

lepastu aku pergi ke jd sports dekat situ.. subhanallah punyalah banyak baju tengah sales. aku kan antara peminat sweaters . so aku pun tertarik dengan satu jacket tak ada hoodie ni. dia warna merah kalau pakai dengan seluar dia memang smart gila nak mati. ni kalau ko keluar pakai baju ni guys,.

sure sure ramai mata memandang memuji ke-swag-an kau itu. 

namun begitu aku menyedari .. kalau kau gemuk kau pakai swag mana pun orang tetap herdik kau
jugak.. tak guna betul netizen ni kan?

ni antara sweater yang tengah sale kat sana. semua original weh.ada yang original from uk!!!
sebab tu la ramai beratur semalam. dekat setengah jam gaklah aku beratur nak bayar semalam. ni aku syak kalau aku ada kredit kad memang meraung la aku nak bayar balik hujung bulan.

mujur aku tak ada

crying week.

ola people
semalam merupakan hari menangis sedunia aku agak.
banyak berfikir anddd banyak benda jadi. aku sampai nangis macam pompuan gila dah semalam.  bila je aku tak menangis macam perempuan gila? entahlah.. emotional sangat pun perempuan ni.
oleh sebab kesalahan aku buat agak besar. aku terus whatsapp boss aku.  lepastu boss aku call aku..

mula mula aku ingat nak gelak buat buat cool tapi bila boss aku cakap camni aku terus nangis..
camnilah conversation kitorang.

whatsapp .
boss saya dah buat salah besar, hmmmm saya mintak maaf dulu.
bos aku pun calll...
damnnnn aku dah menitik air mata ni macam mana nak cover ni? ketua aku pun dah sempat marah aku dalam whatsapp tadi. 

boss r : weh bamm.. ko apahal? ko buat salah apa? aku : bosss.... saya ter.... hmm (bebel panjang2).  boss r: awak okay tak? dah dah jangan nangis..
bila dia sebut jangan nangis tu.. time tu la mata aku ngada ngada nak nangis.
boss : okay takpe saya settle kejap..

untuk pengetahuan korang .. kesalahan aku buat tu boleh sampai tahap…

christmas wishlist?

before anyone bashing me for celebrating christmas, i'd like to say that i am not celebrating,i am just enjoying good sales during christmas . now that is a huge different huh?

i've seen a lot of negative comments around social media especially among my muslim friend and i felt  guilty and ashamed. we are living in  diverse world. For being a part of  religion who speaks a lot about peace, that kind of behaviour is not acceptable. IT'S LIKE I WANT PEACE YO FAM, BUT I HAVE TO HURT YOUR FEELING A BIT SO YOU KNOW HOW TO RESPECT ME.

that's not gonna work. yup seriously.

okay , because i have no time to talk much since it's 2 am already, let's get to the real topic.

duh ... i am not even started yet. and it's FREAKING 2 AM!!!

err okay back to my wishlist.

1)body goals. this is somehow kinda basi cause i talked about it like thousand times already and  i don't want the excitement goes away. so i'll keep that to myself. 

2)i want new watches. yup that wasn't …

7th december : anxiety and curiosity and thank you love.

dear diary,
yesterday was quite special day for me. at first it was a total nightmare. the anxiety and curiosity makes me felt terrible for the past few week.

i was invited to join a gathering (sort of),with my colleagues. we're just spending time to bowl and compete with each other and then having our lunch together at seoul garden.

since i felt heartbroken , so my mood was kinda swing. luckily i've got these people who crack jokes every single time they get the chance. they tease me  a lot. from my love life to my physique. in which i don't take it too personal already.

after watching movie with the 5 other, i felt uneasy due to my bad health condition i went to the clinic and surprisingly, my bf agree to "teman" me. thank you love, you know how much i appreciate your effort. i know my inscurities annoyed you sometimes. despite of my pain, i can "tahan" 4 hours just by talking to you like that. 
i love you baby, i really love you. 
p/s: i don't know wha…

songs that resemble me ( at least i think so)

I’m in front of you
I’m right here
Tell me with your lips
say yes say yes
Without knowing
I’m going to you
I wanna tell you my heart with the blowing wind
love is true
Your eyes that only tickled me
Now makes me smile as if I’m used to it
You just need to walk over there
My friends keep telling me
As they try to push me
My heels are still heavy
I just wanna take it off by the end of the night
I wish I could hold out your hand
So I can run to you barefoot
In my complicated days
I’m trying to think, each hour

Now I finally realized
Everything is gone and only you remain
Last spring, I saw you by coincidence
I hope there will be no more coincidences
I want to hold your hand that used to only pass by
I want to walk with you, whatever path we take
I’m in front of you
I’m right here
Tell me with your lips
say yes say yes
Without knowing
I’m going to you
I wanna tell you my heart with the blowing wind
love is true
I need u
Baby, words I wanna tell you
Words I couldn’t say to you
Baby baby baby boy love is true
I can go anywhere

Basic M or advanced C? ( una life update)

Hello people,

Today i dah dapat result. Agak kecewa jugak sebab macam susah. 
But nvm tho. My uncle dah janji nak cari sampai dapat. 
If ada rezeki inshallah la, if not i still got plan a,b,c,d and e.

Engko kalau dah taste tinggi sangat una susah tau. 
Itu nak ini nak. But still harta is harta.  U still need
To sacfrice to get it. As for me i need to stop spending
Money on food. U makan je la macam kau miskin.
Stop that lavish lifestyle and start owning your own things.

My mom asked me to just get a basic M, tapi M
Is not my type eventhough that car quite handy and not 
Expensive .

I want a C.  C or W. but still to get C i need to save as much money as i can
For a couple month.  So are you willing to sacrifice to get c una?

Are u?

Phewww kena kerja kuat sis lepas ni. Wish me luck lads!😘


well hello guys..

harini i finally da balik rumah sendiri after the engaggemet ceremony. not my enggagement but my cousin yana . she's only 21 this year and she's leading us . kahkahkah. but nvm though..

 so ni nak belanja gambar gambar masa majlis beliau. kitorang buat kg opah kitorang je. gotong royong masak sendiri je uolzz.

ni gambar masa dia tengah berdebar debar tunggu bakal tunang beliau sampai . kahkah kelakar je aku tengok muka kau yana...
bunga tangan ni kami buat  sendiri okay. (okayla bukanaku buat aku ni memang la tak berseni. ni bakal kakak ipar dia dengan kakak ipar dia yang buat) 

malam sebelum kejadian. aku sempat berinai . over kan aku orang lain yang bertunang orang lain yang berinai kahkah
kengkonon ayu. hahaha okaylah ayu;ah jugak daripada kau una...
dari kiri (amalina bakal kakak ipar yana merangkap gf abg beliau,lepastu kak lynn kakak ipar beliau iaitu wife kepada amir abg sepupu aku, fadhilah (kakak yana),ika, yana,jannah,wani,pikah dan rina.

gambar aku? takyah la …

Dear you : human nature

Dear You,

It's december already.

I know i can't force you into anything you don't wanna involved with.

After our meet up last sunday, 
I set so many hopes on you.

I hope you'll miss me  in which i know you won't
I hope you you"ll find me, huh what am i thinking?

You are doing just fine without me.
Maybe your life getting better  without me interrupting you days and night.

I come into conclusion;

No matter how good you are to people, you can always be replace and forgetten.

It's not that hard for people to forget me since i got no specialities and ugly as fuck.
It's human nature to just remember or cling with a beautiful thing. 

Whatever i said to you on sunday with my shaky voices is truly from bottom of my heart.

I know i've been crazy, i talk to many people, and being friendly
But i've never treat other guy the same way i treated you. 
I know there are my attitude that made you felt that i am not serious too and i am sorry.

If you want me to change , i'll…

Selfcare 2016

Ola people,
There is up and down in life it's normal. I am making a final  Decision here. After a few years being super duper ugly,  I finally want to change for good. I wanna be pretty. 

Dress well and start taking care of my skin,Losing some more weight And  toning my body in a cheaper way . I want to hit the gym but you know it is Impractical to me .
My main concern now is my chest area ,hips and tigh
I want to loose some fat in my chest area and belly. 

I  set my target already. I want to achieve at least 60kg by the end of this december. Andd then slowly getting my 50kg body back . 

I will also searching for medication to brighten up my skin and started to wear lenses and  Get my lashes a bit thicker. Sound exciting right? 

Hell yeah. I got 1 month and 9 days. Left for the mission.  Wish me luck okay guys?  Love,
Una Mn

Feeling lost and the grumpy "fat" cat

Dear diary
Life kinda hard these days. I feel lost. 
I lost my bestfriend. Yes, you. You are my bestfriend.
My boyfriend and my love one. 

Only god know how important you are to me.
I am trying my best to stop bothering you. 
I am happy to see you today.

Eventhough with a long face of yours.
Honey, what is wrong? Why you look so angry 
And grumpy? 

I want to see you smile like you usually do.
Just smile baby. Smile ;)

And oh i am also starting my diet okay honey boo.
And guess what? 
I lost 3kg in a week! 
You can't really see it because it just a small figure.

I know you might not read this. But if you
Happen to read this .. so this is my update.

Cause it is just my habit to talk to you ,
I just can't let go of that habit.

I want to hear your story too. 
I miss your happy voices,your laugh and

So what is new thing on your collection this week?
As a shoppaholic guy you might get a new thing
This week. 

I notice you are getting thinner. I can't really see
Your fat belly.

I am predicting mysel…

Keeping my promise and completing my wishlist?

Dear diary
It's hard to keep your promise when your heart broken into pieces already It crushed. Burn , set in fire and then you try to put it back together. How unhealthy it is,

Dear you, One thing you need to know about me is. I am always keeping my promise. Yesterday,i promise you something that i never did before.
I'l stop texting, calling or any form of communication including liking your post  Or anything. 
 I am trying my best to not making you annoyed with me.

You say you will find me when you're free. We both know darling you won't. Deep down i know, this is just a way you say goodbye  to me. You try your best to not hurt my feelings. It's okay i am used to it.  (because i am ugly, being dump because of my physical and ugly face is not a new Thing you know)
If my absence won't make you feel lost  It is crystal clear that my presence won't make your life any happier.
And i gotta respect that. I respect your decision.

I am here waiting . Just because i said that i respec…

november turning point and my 6 month challange ( haha)

thank you for reading my blog love. i have no idea that you will read my decent blog. how embrassing. i am truly sorry if there's anything that written here hurt your feelings. 

okay. so basically a lot of things has change now. we got a new leader in the store which is fine eventhough i kinda miss the old happy environment while shyafiq was around. he is now busy with discussion for the new store. break a leg dude! XD

and for the love of my life,as i said before he's being busy too. with his new "project". i am so sorry for being a cry baby. thank you for making time with me even just by a phone call. i am truly truly appreciate that. 

i will try to enjoy every moment as you said. life is too short to cry over little things.  what meant to happen will happen, and what is not meant to happen will never happen anyways.
but that is not mean i will give up on you easily. i will only step back if you said so.
anddd for my wishlist which i already promise you to make it within …

how to get a free music for iphone ios10 upgraded version.(NO JAILBREAK,NO LAPTOP)

hi guys..

as promised i'd love to share to all iphone user on how to get a free music on iphone. basically
people dah tahu kot but for yang tak tahu i'm here to help XD .

there is too many ways to get free music but not ALL can be use on i movie. so i just found 1 which is really easy. no jailbreak needed. you don't even need a laptop! now how cool is that?

i used to have hundreds song on my itunes in which i use traditional method like everybody use lah kan. you download all music from the website and import it on your itunes bla bla. after the ios 10, you can't do that already isn't?

after changing my phone to iphone 7, ( i use the same apple id , fyi) my songs that i've downloaded illegally gone. just like that poofff!! . gone!!!

so mestilah i meroyan macam perempuan gila kan?

i've been searching for a couple month already, so now i dah jumpa!

i share link yang i jumpa tu k?

first of all, just follow the method on that video before i teach you to import it to you…

Dear you

Dear  diary

I miss him already. I know he's being busy with work and stuff.
I notice how remarkably hardworking he is. His energy and passion
On his work is completely undenieble. I am lucky, he is a great man.
He seems evil but he's not. I trust him but i am insecure. But how i could not
Being insecure? With a face like that.. i swear to god he can get any women he wants.

Our relationship seems complicated because i am clingy as fuck. In which i hope
I'd stop which i hope he'll stay with me.despite of my annoyyingness.
My bullshit insecurities. 

Dear you.

I know you annoyed with me this couple days
I am so sorry. On behalf of myself.

I will try my best to stop bothering you 24/7.
I will give you as much space as you want.
I will try to stop being clingy "girlfriend" or bestfriend" or whatever relationship 
We have right now.

I just want you to know.

It's okay if you wanna stop.
It's okay if you don't have any feelings towards me

I'll be your bestf…

legit crying for you buddy. ( i miss my phone already) :(

dear diary  i am having a quite emotional day lately.. or to be precise. today..

i lost my 2 years "bestfriend". he's gone forever! :(  my old and decent iphone finally rest in peace. well rested buddy! you'll be missed!!! :(
i cried at my workplace just now. this pain is just unbearable. i know i am not a good owner, but you kept my memories back in two years. you've captured most of my best instagram photos, videos.  you make my works easier. i love you pal . i do love you.*burst into tears once again*

tomorrow i gonna get a new phone. i might love him as well, but you'll always got a special place in my heart.always.

this year probably a biggest turning point in my life. my phone die, my old buddy momo (my old  laptop) also i already bought a new laptop in august,so new phone coming up soon. not to mention i also got a new boyfriend this year. i mean he's not really a boyfriend. but he know i love him. and i don't even know what type of relationshi…

plan hidup seorang una. eh? haha XD

dua tiga harini aku busy kerja. sebab bff haku cuti. biarkanlah dia bercuti. aku tengok serabut sangat je dia dua 3 menjak ni. susah jugak jadi ketua kan. sebagai assistant yang baik (konon) kita kenalah memahami ketua kita walaupun ketua kita kekadang tu suka membuli kita sebagai contoh sorok phone kita beg kita sampai menangis, dah itu tabiat dia haha.

oh ye aku ada terfikir nak buat part time tau. sebab aku nak simpan duit bebanyak. tapi aku tak pasti tentang jadual aku nanti fix ke tak. ada perubahan ke tak. kalau kekal begitu aku rasa macam 4 hari seminggu nak buat part time tu, lagipun dia bayar agak okay jugaklah.
hmm aku tengah kuatkan hati ni. kalau aku busy dengan kerja tak adalah aku fikir sangat pasal problem aku kan kan? hmm cam best je method aku ni. haih tak sabar pulak kita. moga moga plan aku ni berjalan lancar la ye. yelah kalau sebulan aku dapat simpan 2k , 5,6 bulan dah berapa kan?

okay aku nak gerak pergi mont kiara ni. ada kerja nak kena settlekan kejap., lepastu …

stress dan buah oren

hai guys

sejak dua menjak ni aku rasa agak stress di tempat kerja. bukan sebab ketua  aku bagi banyak kerja tapi sebab aku memang dah sedia banyak kerja. biasalah kerja zaman sekarang mana ada tak stress . semua tempat sama je. bila condition macam ni berlaku , aku belajar nak faham semua orang. betul kata orang mustahil kau dapat benci orang kalau kau faham keadaan dia macam mana.

aku sebenarnya stress sebab aku tak capai target aku. tu je. aku ada certain target yang aku set tiap tiap hari apa aku nak buat. kerja apa aku nak settlekan haritu. tapi macam biasa .. mestilah ada halangan dan ujian melintang pukang dalam hidup ini. 

aku ni pelik sikit. kalau aku stress aku suka duduk sorang sorang makan buah oren .(buat masa sekarang) . tak tahulah apa kena mengena buah oren dalam kes aku ni, nak kata effektif pun tak jugak tapi sekarang habit aku macam tu sekarang. 

 sic aku si shyafiq tu memang dah sedia ada banyak kerja. kadang kadang aku kesian gak tengok dia. tak meletup ke otak dia fik…

wonder-ful wednesday

harini ialah hari off aku. mula mula aku tak ada plan apa pun harini sebab aku rasa badan aku memerlukan rehat. tapi ini una kan. kalau aku cuti je mesti ada makhluk ajak keluar. (astaghfirullahalazim) ter riak pulak. x bukan nama sebenar ajak aku keluar pergi curve. memandangkan aku memang ada benda nak beli aku pun on je lah. 

ni aku punya lunch tengah hari tadi. ramai kata aku diet sekarang. now think again. diet ke camni guys? kahkahkah.

mirror selfie again. sebab kalau aku selfie muka depan depan ketara pulak  kedutan bawah mata yang dah mula nak nampak and jerawat jerawat dekat muka oh noooo :(
bila agaknya aku dapat saiz badan macam patung ni? wuuu.. 
harini aku just keluar tengok wayang cerita mechanic lakonan jason statham.  best gak la.. dalam cerita tu ada scene dekat malaysia. penang and dekat thailand. aku bagi cerita ni 3 1/2 bintang je sebab cerita ni terlalu straighforward.. pada pendapat aku la

tapi different people different taste kan?
oh ya sekarang kan aku dah mula nak kumpu…