June 16, 2017


hi everyone! today i'm gonna do a quick review on hannan medispa treatment.
100% genuine and this is not a sponsored post because i am not that famous, i don't really have a reader which makes my entry is just an honest review.

where is it located? 
dekat twosquare pj state but in the map they stated that it is at damansara. but it is actually located  at two square.

so this is bella on her 3rd treatemnt. my cousin got a severe acne problem
and pigmentation. and she is PANTANG JUMPA 
kinda person. she cannot eat seafood and belacan. hopefully she gonna stop eating that
for a while. since this treatment cost her a lot of money already.

so this is how the front desk of hannanmedispa looks like.

and this is the logo . looks good!

okay this is inside the treatment room. i really like
every inch of this place. the decoration is very clean and air feel fresh as well.
the staff were also very friendly and well trained.

bella took the 6 session of treatment which comes with a package. based on doctor suggestion 
she buy the rm1500 worth of package which will surely makes u cringe. i mean ya for me rm1500 is a lot of money to spend . but comes to think of it if the treatment really works, i don't bother to spend that much either. 

 my auntie and other cousin also did their treatment here . all of them shows a good progress . nak kulit cantik kena berbelanja gais.

how to make a treatment here?
simply make an appointment here . you cannot just come and expect people to serve you right away.
they are alway  occupied guys. so know the terms,rules and regulation. 

or just contact them okay.

because i am always being helpful and genuine on my blog post *perasan)
so i'd just let you know how much you need to pay if you don't wanna take any package.

(please note that this package is not fix. )

any enquiries please do not hesistate to call them .
so today sis belanja video bella meanwhile muka dia kena laser.

this is her after treatment. may your skin get glow and your acne gone

 actually sister penat ni. semalam baru balik from my mom house. tak tidur sana balik hari just. 
just to visit my mom. alhamdulillah dia tak kena tahan ward dah but still under supervision . cause she barely remember  a lot of things. including me. she mistaken me and my sister . my lil brother to another brother. thanks to bella cause she took EL to teman me to visit my mom. i am looking forward for the second week of raya to meet you mom.

stay positive, and  last but not least.

happy eid in advance everyone! XD

June 9, 2017

new feature for iphone and selamat berpuasa

hello , welcome back to my blog! 
haha acah acah ada orang baca.

okay first of all. just like the title iphone do some major changes on the apps. which something I HAVE BEEN ASKING FOR YEARS ALREADY WHEN IPHONE would make it happened?

for some who dont get the news yet , iphone finally upgraded their system so we can screen record. didn't get what the hype is about?

lemme enlighten you then.

this one is from my bf's iphone. kita ni pakai iphone 7 pun lambat upgrade.
sebab dia pakai beta version so dia punya phone dapat dulu.

why i'm excited? if you guys have been following me since my college year you'd know that i love making tutorial so having this on my phone would make it easier. 

talk about efficiency! XD

itu belum cerita how you can easily recorded a youtube clip and post it on your instagram. since youtube ni dia punya copyright agak menyusahkan kita kalau nak buat post lagu ke klip kegemaran dekat intagram so having this feature would come in handy.

YAY!!! XD (happy tetibe)

tapi dalam happy tu ada sedih jugaklah. why?

which means dekat perak la. this year i'd be celebrating my raya at damansara. ada kerja. 
what to do? opah dah buat ayat pilu dah tu. for now tak ada mood sedih lagi rasa biasa je. tapi tunggu la lagi 2 minggu raya kan. maybe malam raya tu tak lena tidur aku mengenangkan ketupat rendang di kampung tercinta . :'D

tadi before pergi kerja my mom asked me to kupas bawang and defrost 
all these thing.cuba teka kami nak masak apa?

hehe kami dah siap masak pun. nak gambar tak sempat dah. kena prepare benda lain untuk berbuka pulak.

talk soon! 

una mn 

ramadhan 14 2017

una most demotivated post?

i gave up. please note that this is might the most demotivated post ever written by me or one of the post that i deliver my heavy fee...