March 21, 2017

stress and make up haul (kinda) x (hidup kena chill)

well hello.

it's been a while. i've gone through a hell tiring month. a lot happened this month. i met an accident which is pretty bad because it is causing injury and change my face  fracture a bit. tons works to do make me feels like i need to have my own treat . like an emotion treatment.

after recovered, i went to spa to relax my body muscle and ease my back pain which i got from that accident. and later i bought a few make up stuff in which i have been eyeeing for a quite sometimes


actually i am purchased tarte a few weeks ago together with my tarte mascara and white fibre. and that sweet
peach glow i purchased it last week.

i bought a special mini make up bag for that expensive make up since you know my current make up bag
messing up already. with all stuff eyeliner tertumpah whatsoever.
haha. -_-'

today i went to sephora again to find these two, which as expected 
out of stock. last week i purchased the melted chochlate milkshake in tube
as you can see in the background, because that is the only colour
that is quite similar to these two. if you guys happened to go to sephora you'd know.
these melted lip matte from too faced in code "cool girl" and "sell out" always
out of stock. which is not only my favourite but also a make up artist and popular among famous instagrammers .so i get the hype.but still
sephoraaaa why don't you restock ???? 
it is been 3 month since i discovered this lip matte and i still cannot get one of those.
the colour is ah ma-zing guys.!! like wow, why didn't know you exist?
why didn't i found you earlier?

and this is the only thing i purchased today because i need a new brush for my peach pallete.
and my review for a peach pallete?

amazing as well.

this is the go to colour for every ocassion. i am a big fans of a sweet look make up.
if you know me personally you'd never find me wearing a crazy colour on my face.

less is more right?

i felt relieved after all. despite of my life being off track these days, i just find every little things that could make me happy again. since my boyfriend and i working in the same place we can't really hang out often. so yeah, make up is the answer!!! (tetiba).

to girls out there who had 4 hours sleep a day and got a sleepy face like mine , do not hesitate to spend a bit of your money to buy make up.

it not too pricey la. it is for your own is for your face.

lelaki ni kan cakap je tak suka perempuan make up, tapi cuba kau tengok bila hijabster pakai make up cantik cantik muka glowing glowing lalu, mesti kepala pusing 180 darjah.

tak percaya? haha 

it doesn't matter your boyfriend/fiance/husband jenis loyal ke tak, tapi memandang benda cantik adalah fitrah. jadi jagalah diri anda.

eventhough i gemuk, (i tengah cuba kurus okay), i believe in what i did.and i did it for my own good.because my confident level is like astahfirullahalzim sister... 

haha , so yeah. i wear it for my confident level. tak salah kan?

just something sweet that i ate tonight. craving satisfied! XD

your day could be stressful from work load  and sucking up most of your energy and positive vibe.
but still you need to get through the shit and live your life.

akhir kata?

hidup kena chill


March 8, 2017

my fav person on internet

well hello 

i'm back.....

everyone in the world would have a list of people that they want to be .

in my case i just adore this people because they are beautiful and probably living life that i've been dreaming of..

okay i just i wanna talk about one person today because i want to save others for later.
her name is aishah or known as cupcakes aishah. 

she is only 17 years old this year, and super rich. she do vlog every week and i watch every single video.

and what makes me so into this girl?

because she is natural,like you know she is just  being herself infront of camera. 
and if you guys a make up junkie like me you'd love to see her london haul video or make up haul video.
she travel to london quite often and that what makes her video quite interesting to watch.

she also do make up tutorial and got her very own bussiness. 
 she use her fame for good. 

she is also nominated as influencer of asia in 2 categories. 
you deserved it girl!!!

she is also a close friend to johanis sani, once a famous viner and now a beauty blogger.

p/s: everyone is beautiful,  i just to enhance mine ;P

March 5, 2017

swollen face and a bad service experience.

ola people.

yesterday i was involved in accident which  make my right cheek and forehead swollen. i swear to god i looks like a human version of flower horn.


this accident is indeed a blessing in disguise. since my mom is also in medical line,
so she bring me home and treat me by herself. since ppum service is really suck , which cost me rm400+ (it may not seem a huge amount  but imagine how much you can get at sephora with that much money?) and i only received "ubat bengkak" which is impractical for me.

i've waited for freaking 6 hours .

after the ct scan shows that i don't have any internal bleeding, we decided just to move our ass of that shitty place.

i lodge a police report and then going back to damansara to give my boyfriend my key. since my face got swollen so i wear my shawl like a burqa. but still he recognize me .he said my face looks like a chinese a bit since the swollen cheek makes my eyes getting smaller or the exact word is "sepet"

and now i am here writing a blog as often as i could because i can't really go outside with this face so yeah.. i'd like to re focus on my diet schedule but being home make it a little bit difficult.

a lot of food supplies, full fridge would make me go crazy. 

i am not sure with my cooking skill, but if you stay with me by any chance,

hungry wouldn't be in your vocab fam!

i love to eat ... 

like so so much.

now, you don't need to ask why i am getting fat  didn't you?

but still i have a wishlist this year, can i make it until the very end?

we'll never know. just watch me ..

till then 


Una Mn :)

March 4, 2017

past is past and birth month wishlist. XD

hello people XD.

dah lama kan tak tulis dalam bahasa melayu?
dah lama jugak aku tak menulis kat sini. kalau dulu amboi kau hampir setiap hari aku menulis.

perihal lama.

jujurnya.. blog  ni banyak simpan kenangan aku dengan yang lama dan kenangan waktu college.
dan aku harap yang baru tak terasa hatila.

banyak jugak kawan kawan lama aku bertanya. macam mana boleh putus,kenapa putus?
korang dah lama kot. bla bla bla.

jawapan aku simple je. 


dengan yang baru? alhamdulillah aku happy. gaduh gaduh kecik tu biasalah. tak normal la tak gaduh
tak cemburu. cuma setakat ni hal hal biasa je la. dengan yang baru ni pun aku cuma mampu usaha je la.jodoh kan ALLAH tentukan.

bila jumpa orang baru and actually kitorang in secret relationship yang tak adalah secret sangat dah pun sebab kewujudan mulut mulut bocor di dunia ini maka aku rasa hampir semua dah tahu kot.
so biarkan jela.

tertarik dengan yang baru waktu dia dengan aku masing masing ada yang punya. tapi putus bukan kami minta lah. semua ada sebab terlalu private nak cerita. harap yang tahu senyap senyap je la eah.

orang kata make peace with your past so your future pun boleh la bahagia sikit.
aku tak ada problem dengan ex dia yang sememangnya dekat je dengan tempat kerja aku.macam ditakdirkan pulak aku pindah branch tu. so setiap kali aku bank in duit sale, aku mesti nampak muka ex kepada bf aku yang sekarang ni. 

sebab sebab aku tak perlu risau ialah

1)dia baik
2)dia dah khawin
3)she's pregnant

and aku nampak dia bahagia dengan suami dia . so biarlah dia. meskipun agak curios jugaklah nak tahu pasal dia. ataupun the exact word is ... agak macam teringin nak jadi kawan dia. pelik kan makhluk bernama una ni?

sebab aku rasa past is past. yang dia ni pulak pun tak adalah rasa jeles dengan ex aku
cuma adalah haritu dia suruh tukar no.

sebab sebab dia tak perlu jeles

1) aku dah suka kat dia
2) ex aku dah tak contact aku dah
3) aku tak boleh suka lebih dari 1 lelaki dalam 1 masa.

bf yang sekarang memang 180 degree berbeza dengan yang lama which is nice to know or to fall in love with completely different person. bf aku sekarang sejenis manusia yang kaki movie (lebih hardcore dari aku),yang boleh aku cakap macam human being wikipedia. ko tanya je apa ko nak tahu pasal tech ke isu semasa ke dia tau. master pokemon go yang sangat berdedikasi. 

serious weh dia siap ajak aku pusing taman klcc teman dia cari pokemon dia, berpeluh iolzz. lepastu jalan dalam suria mall nak cukupkan kilometer dia sebab nak hatch telur. 

and dia die hard fans man.united, adidas and nike. and also  a very good in shopping online.

aku kan boleh dikira kategori rajin shopping tau dulu. sekarang dah kurang.tapi dia tak
kategori rajin dia sampai kau rimas setiap kali barang sampai..

"eishh apa benda pulak awak beli ni?" 

11 street,lazada, zalora. u name it. paling selalu tu 11 street la. sampai last year 11 street bagi dia hadiah tablet sebab frequent buyer kan. 

and not to mention dia punya bagusnya .. suka naik public transport. the good thing is keluar dengan dia jimat. why?

aku kira kira la kalau drive minyak kereta, tol lagi tak lari la rm50. belum parking lagi.

kitorang selalu naik mrt tu , pastu naik bas seringgit pastu naik monerel gi klcc. cost? under 20 sekali keluar.
jimat kan?
cepat pun cepat. jem pun tak jem..

selalu dia marah aku suruh berjimat walaupun dia tak la berjimat mana 

(aku harap harap dia tak baca entry ni)

kalau baca,

ekhem sorry sayang.. i tak kutuk you.. i puji ni . hikhik.

dia selalu encourage aku buy for value. so sejak tu aku tak kedekut dah dengan diri sendiri.
benda nak pakai lama kena jaga elok elok. contohnya kasut.
aku cakap jujurlah sebelum ni aku pakai je kasut rm20 rm30
kasut uptown. tapi sejak kenal dia ni aku beli sekali terus yang satu harga 3,4 ratus. sebab tahan lama.

aku ni comot sikit compare to him. aku suka bergaya tapi still serabai tak tahu kenapa.

adakah aku ditakdirkan menjadi serabai?
entahlah nak..


oh ya sekarang ni dah bulan march ni. bulan birth month aku.

jadi dapatkah aku capat wishlist sebelum 26 tahun ni?

kita tengok jela nanti.

till then.



Una Mn :)

una most demotivated post?

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