March 5, 2017

swollen face and a bad service experience.

ola people.

yesterday i was involved in accident which  make my right cheek and forehead swollen. i swear to god i looks like a human version of flower horn.


this accident is indeed a blessing in disguise. since my mom is also in medical line,
so she bring me home and treat me by herself. since ppum service is really suck , which cost me rm400+ (it may not seem a huge amount  but imagine how much you can get at sephora with that much money?) and i only received "ubat bengkak" which is impractical for me.

i've waited for freaking 6 hours .

after the ct scan shows that i don't have any internal bleeding, we decided just to move our ass of that shitty place.

i lodge a police report and then going back to damansara to give my boyfriend my key. since my face got swollen so i wear my shawl like a burqa. but still he recognize me .he said my face looks like a chinese a bit since the swollen cheek makes my eyes getting smaller or the exact word is "sepet"

and now i am here writing a blog as often as i could because i can't really go outside with this face so yeah.. i'd like to re focus on my diet schedule but being home make it a little bit difficult.

a lot of food supplies, full fridge would make me go crazy. 

i am not sure with my cooking skill, but if you stay with me by any chance,

hungry wouldn't be in your vocab fam!

i love to eat ... 

like so so much.

now, you don't need to ask why i am getting fat  didn't you?

but still i have a wishlist this year, can i make it until the very end?

we'll never know. just watch me ..

till then 


Una Mn :)

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