February 18, 2012

tips for speaking test muet with example and extra issues (HOT)

memandangkan sekarang ni musim test muet. yelah menurut mpm  atau nama panjangnya majlis peperiksaan malaysia. calon calon muet bagi bulan mac .

tarikh ujian muet adalah seperti berikut..

20 sehingga 28 februari untuk test speaking
3 mac untuk test writing,listening and so for..

so seperti diberitahu di entry -entry lepas una akan menjalani speaking test pada  20 februari di  kolej shahputra kuantan . walaupun una bukan study kat situ tapi kena pergi jugak . dah nasib badan.

yer sabar ye kawan2 mukadimah panjang sangat .
maka ini adalah contoh2  tajuk yang pernah masuk untuk speaking test muet.


2. Travel in our country is better than outside.

3. Flu and health- it's precaution, 5W, 1H.

4. ICT and Technology- advantages and disadvantages

5. Nowadays people like to stay overnight, discuss

6. school teachers or tuition teachers/tutors, our child are more dependant to whom?

7. children trafficking

8. new type of drugs- abuse

9. STD

10. 1Malaysia.

11. part time job by students

12. academic and non academic performance, which one is important?

13. education level is important or experience is better to get a job?

14. private universities in Malaysia is overcrowded? discuss

15. organic plants versus farmed plants

16. stress in children nowadays become a big trouble as parents force their child to study to get excellent result.

17. social problems in Malaysia. (baby discarded in trash, smoking etc)

18. Illegal workers/foreign worker in Malaysia are keep increasing in Malaysia. Discuss

19.Environmental Issues In Malaysia

20. Nuclear energy issues, debate, world conferences brings ___ yes/no any conclusion?. pro and contra

una tak ambik kelas , una study sendiri oleh kerana diri ini terlampau malas . maka sekarang redha jelah.. oh ya una ada satu tips hangat meletup de vazz bak hang..

task A

1)good morning to everyone
2)a very good morning i wish to all examiners and candidates

repeat situation
1)today we're talking about..
2)the situation i have been given is..
3)according to the situation..
4)Based on the situation given..

state the point given
1)my point is_____ so to elobrate i would like to discuss 3 reasons
2)there are 3 reasons to support my point..

to explain and give example
1)firstly i think that....this is because.. moreover.. for example 
2)secondly another reason is.... in addition.. for instance...
3)finally... in my opinion...furthermore... the good example is..

1)in conclusion this is the best point because..
2)to conclude , i still agree that..
3) in a nutshell i feel that..
4)in short my idea is the best because..


1) i agree with you.
2)that's a great idea!
3)i like your suggestion
5)i concur with your point of view.

1)i'm sorry but i disagree
2)i'm afraid i have to disagree with your idea
3)i beg to differ
4)that's not a good suggestion

1)excuse me, may i interrupt please?
2)i'd like to add something please?
3)may i say something?
4)could you please hear me out?
5)pardon me but could i add something please?

1)so what do you think candidate x?
2)how about your point of view ?
3)candidate  x would you like to give us your opinion?
4)why don't we consider other point?
5) i dont understand can you please repeat?

1)in conclusion , all of us agree that..
2)to conclude , most of us agree that..
3)in a nutshell some of us agree that..while some of us prefer..
4) as time is running out,it seems that all of us can't agree which options is the best because each point has many advantages and disadvantages..

extra tips

1)jangan terlalu monopoli,bagi kawan kita habiskan ayat baru interrupt.
2)be spontaneous,jangan hafal sangat ayat2 kat atas ni kalau susah nak sebut ayat2 simple pun tak apa janji tak tersekat2.
3) jangan biarkan ahli group kita seorang pun terdiam,kita boleh jadi penyelamat extra marks ada =)

credit to audrey  
brought to you by soshesay.blogspot.com =) 

p/s: doakan una untuk test muet isnin pagi ni.

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