November 15, 2016

Dear you

Dear  diary

I miss him already. I know he's being busy with work and stuff.
I notice how remarkably hardworking he is. His energy and passion
On his work is completely undenieble. I am lucky, he is a great man.
He seems evil but he's not. I trust him but i am insecure. But how i could not
Being insecure? With a face like that.. i swear to god he can get any women he wants.

Our relationship seems complicated because i am clingy as fuck. In which i hope
I'd stop which i hope he'll stay with me.despite of my annoyyingness.
My bullshit insecurities. 

Dear you.

I know you annoyed with me this couple days
I am so sorry. On behalf of myself.

I will try my best to stop bothering you 24/7.
I will give you as much space as you want.
I will try to stop being clingy "girlfriend" or bestfriend" or whatever relationship 
We have right now.

I just want you to know.

It's okay if you wanna stop.
It's okay if you don't have any feelings towards me

I'll be your bestfriend instead.

For What makes you happy makes me happy too.
If there's any woman can make you the happiest person  
On earth, honey trust me i"ll be happy for you too.

If you are sad, i will be even sadder than you .
Who you think you are? 
You are tough outside, but i know pretty well my honey boo got a soft side too.

Share your problems with me if you wants. I'll be there honey. I will :) 

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