November 17, 2016

how to get a free music for iphone ios10 upgraded version.(NO JAILBREAK,NO LAPTOP)

hi guys..

as promised i'd love to share to all iphone user on how to get a free music on iphone. basically

people dah tahu kot but for yang tak tahu i'm here to help XD .

there is too many ways to get free music but not ALL can be use on i movie. so i just found 1 which is really easy. no jailbreak needed. you don't even need a laptop! now how cool is that?

i used to have hundreds song on my itunes in which i use traditional method like everybody use lah kan. you download all music from the website and import it on your itunes bla bla. after the ios 10, you can't do that already isn't?

after changing my phone to iphone 7, ( i use the same apple id , fyi) my songs that i've downloaded illegally gone. just like that poofff!! . gone!!!

so mestilah i meroyan macam perempuan gila kan?

i've been searching for a couple month already, so now i dah jumpa!

i share link yang i jumpa tu k?

first of all, just follow the method on that video before i teach you to import it to your imovie.

first you gotta need to download that apps first just like i said before. 
follow the tutorial on that video.

then you gotta have  a page like this one, search your fav song
watch that video for further detail.

after you sucessfully downloaded the song, click at media
at you will see the media goes like this picture.

click at the song and you will see a pop up came out like this one.
choose open in other apps

there you go... you will see import with imovie.
you can use it as usual.  

no fuss no mess. no laptop needed . you just needed your phone lads!

(jangan pulak ko tak download lagi imovie lepastu meroyan kenapa tak keluar option i movie)

itu namanya nak kena siku. hey geram betul aku kalau orang bebal camni. *tetiba emo*

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