November 20, 2016

Keeping my promise and completing my wishlist?

Dear diary

It's hard to keep your promise when your heart broken into pieces already
It crushed. Burn , set in fire and then you try to put it back together.
How unhealthy it is,

Dear you,
One thing you need to know about me is. I am always keeping my promise.
Yesterday,i promise you something that i never did before.

I'l stop texting, calling or any form of communication including liking your post 
Or anything. 

 I am trying my best to not making you annoyed with me.

You say you will find me when you're free.
We both know darling you won't.
Deep down i know, this is just a way you say goodbye  to me.
You try your best to not hurt my feelings.
It's okay i am used to it. 
(because i am ugly, being dump because of my physical and ugly face is not a new
Thing you know)

If my absence won't make you feel lost 
It is crystal clear that my presence won't make your life any happier.

And i gotta respect that.
I respect your decision.

I am here waiting . Just because i said that i respect your decision
It doesn't mean i am stopping myself loving you 

I will stop if you want me to. Or when i find you happy with someone else
I will step back, and don't you feel sorry for me.

I am strong. Even though i cried easily. 

I am strong despite of anything. 

And that is why i try my best to divert my emotion into a new thing.
I'll try to get fit not because of you, but for myself.

It's hard you know getting dump on this age. 
And also some people once said to me.

If you want a prince,you need to be a princess,
How clear it is? You're prince and i am a panda.

Fat, and ugly panda.

I couldn't afford to be a princes,so i think i'll just try my best to be a better version
Of me, 

And completing my wishlists as soon as possible. 

May god bless.

Una Mn
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