November 17, 2016

november turning point and my 6 month challange ( haha)

thank you for reading my blog love. i have no idea that you will read my decent blog. how embrassing. i am truly sorry if there's anything that written here hurt your feelings. 

okay. so basically a lot of things has change now. we got a new leader in the store which is fine eventhough i kinda miss the old happy environment while shyafiq was around. he is now busy with discussion for the new store. break a leg dude! XD

and for the love of my life,as i said before he's being busy too. with his new "project". i am so sorry for being a cry baby. thank you for making time with me even just by a phone call. i am truly truly appreciate that. 

i will try to enjoy every moment as you said. life is too short to cry over little things. 
what meant to happen will happen, and what is not meant to happen will never happen anyways.

but that is not mean i will give up on you easily. i will only step back if you said so.

anddd for my wishlist which i already promise you to make it within 6 month isn't it? 

i already start doing it darling . i just needed your moral support. in which i hope you'll stop mentioning the best place to eat infront of me (because you always did that ) . 

it is too early to tell anything coz you know, i didn't like being push too. i will do it naturally.
meaning to say, i wil do it my own way.

since i got a few stuff to help me on my diet, i thing i will get my best shape within 3 months or less. or just wait for it. i didn't take any pills as promised . 

let's see how it goes. 

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