November 21, 2016

Selfcare 2016

Ola people,

There is up and down in life it's normal. I am making a final 
Decision here. After a few years being super duper ugly, 
I finally want to change for good. I wanna be pretty. 

Dress well and start taking care of my skin,Losing some more weight
And  toning my body in a cheaper way . I want to hit the gym but you know it is
Impractical to me .

My main concern now is my chest area ,hips and tigh

I want to loose some fat in my chest area and belly. 

I  set my target already. I want to achieve at least 60kg by the end of this december.
Andd then slowly getting my 50kg body back . 

I will also searching for medication to brighten up my skin and started to wear lenses and 
Get my lashes a bit thicker. Sound exciting right? 

Hell yeah. I got 1 month and 9 days. Left for the mission. 
Wish me luck okay guys?  Love,

Una Mn
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