December 1, 2016

Dear you : human nature

Dear You,

It's december already.

I know i can't force you into anything you don't wanna involved with.

After our meet up last sunday, 
I set so many hopes on you.

I hope you'll miss me  in which i know you won't
I hope you you"ll find me, huh what am i thinking?

You are doing just fine without me.
Maybe your life getting better  without me interrupting you days and night.

I come into conclusion;

No matter how good you are to people, you can always be replace and forgetten.

It's not that hard for people to forget me since i got no specialities and ugly as fuck.
It's human nature to just remember or cling with a beautiful thing. 

Whatever i said to you on sunday with my shaky voices is truly from bottom of my heart.

I know i've been crazy, i talk to many people, and being friendly
But i've never treat other guy the same way i treated you. 
I know there are my attitude that made you felt that i am not serious too and i am sorry.

If you want me to change , i'll change for good honey.
Just say it.

Since it is not a good thing pun to hit a guy just because they made me angry.
I know i am a female and should act like one.

I will honey i will.

I miss your stupid jokes, your facial expression , And your gentle and soft sides.

 I am actually missss you and sort of mad since you are being busy with your works.

I can't force you to meet me anyway.. I'll try to understand you 

You said you wanna try, i hope you will.

But since false hope will hurt me even more i'll just think you are joking.

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