December 8, 2016

7th december : anxiety and curiosity and thank you love.

dear diary,

yesterday was quite special day for me. at first it was a total nightmare. the anxiety and curiosity makes me felt terrible for the past few week.

i was invited to join a gathering (sort of),with my colleagues. we're just spending time to bowl and compete with each other and then having our lunch together at seoul garden.

since i felt heartbroken , so my mood was kinda swing. luckily i've got these people who crack jokes every single time they get the chance. they tease me  a lot. from my love life to my physique. in which i don't take it too personal already.

after watching movie with the 5 other, i felt uneasy due to my bad health condition i went to the clinic and surprisingly, my bf agree to "teman" me. thank you love, you know how much i appreciate your effort. i know my inscurities annoyed you sometimes. despite of my pain, i can "tahan" 4 hours just by talking to you like that. 

i love you baby, i really love you. 

p/s: i don't know what future brings, but i hope you'll still in there. you are important to me . 

una . 

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