December 17, 2016

christmas wishlist?

before anyone bashing me for celebrating christmas, i'd like to say that i am not celebrating,i am just enjoying good sales during christmas . now that is a huge different huh?

i've seen a lot of negative comments around social media especially among my muslim friend and i felt  guilty and ashamed. we are living in  diverse world. For being a part of  religion who speaks a lot about peace, that kind of behaviour is not acceptable. IT'S LIKE I WANT PEACE YO FAM, BUT I HAVE TO HURT YOUR FEELING A BIT SO YOU KNOW HOW TO RESPECT ME.

that's not gonna work. yup seriously.

okay , because i have no time to talk much since it's 2 am already, let's get to the real topic.

duh ... i am not even started yet. and it's FREAKING 2 AM!!!

err okay back to my wishlist.

1)body goals. this is somehow kinda basi cause i talked about it like thousand times already and  i don't want the excitement goes away. so i'll keep that to myself. 

2)i want new watches. yup that wasn't a mistake. i really wanted multiple type of watches. i am collector ya know. i like to have different type of watches , like dw,baby g,fossil, 

3) new sport shoes .i freaking love nike and puma as well. i really wanted a new kick. i like ombre kinda shoes but the colour needed to be either purple to maroon or turquoise to blue. i am such a weirdo. please don't hesitate to say that. yup i know.. XD

4) i wanted all numa series from tudungpeople. i know that numa collection probably out of stock 
allready since it was out years ago. but i still believe in magic . i shall pujuk faz to jual balik numa. 
i know some of you guys might say.. "weh beli je la shawl lain murah kot. sama je" .. no people.. no..
NUMA is the piece of shawl ever made.their material is like da bomb dot com. i feels like to borong as much as i could . a few pieces of black shawl (for work purposes) and the other should be my fav colour.

5)flawless skin. this is indeed every girls dream. hands down..

6)made more money so i could shop more.

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