April 13, 2014

random post that not so random

" sometimes i just want to get away from everything...."

        There's a missing beat inside of me ...
the rhythm of my heart hits unevenly
There's a missing piece inside of me

tiba tiba jadi homesick
tiba tiba rindu zaman kanak kanak
tiba tiba jadi insecure
 tiba tiba rasa tak menentu
dalam masa yang sama rasa perasaan gembira 

pelik ? ya.. tiba tiba je rasa macam dekat padang rumput berlari lari
macam ni...

i miss the 90's 
i love the internet , but i miss the good old times
I should have capture every moment i had with my cousins
but back then technologies were different.
We don't simply take unneccesary pictures with kodak didn't we?
i mean like who wants to waste a kodak for "cekodok pisang" that we had for a regular morning/evening?
kodak price were not cheap anyways , Rm30 for 30 film.

I think i should consider myself to buy a few albums and a dslr. 
i don't want to miss any specials moment i'd have with my family and loved one.

and you should'nt waste yours too.

In  a few years if you do happened to stumble upon your pictures of the past you'll be surprise.

It's like a getaway to your past  

and it is BEAUTIFUL :) 

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