April 14, 2014

Divergent review

I watched divergent today and I recommend all of you to watch it . Because it's so freaking good. It is my type of movie. To be completely honest, I don't really like watching love movie in theater but divergent is worth to watch. I even planned to watch it for a second time tomorrow. I love how the character change , slowly. Divergent is so different from any other west  movie. The slow process for a man and  a woman to fall in love with each other draw my attention to watch it until the end. I feel the love between tris/Beatrice and four/tobias. I even feel that I am tris (hallucinate level teach me masta)

so what is divergent all about?

in conclusion, divergent Is  about the world and society in  the future divided by 5 factions.
abnegation is the nature that help people, amity for the peaceful(the group that do the farm works, grew plants), ,candor for the honest (like a lawyer),dauntless for the brave(like a police, they protect the people), and erudite (the intelligence). Every teenagers will sit a test, to know their own nature, but they can always choose to be in any group they want. But there's always a few people who cant fit to any these 5 groups. They were called divergent. Erudite feel divergent are threat to humanity, they want divergent to be killed. Tris is divergent but she chose to be dauntless . Nobody know that she is a divergent, until she met four.What the cost that  tris need to pay for being a divergent? How she kept her secrets while she being a dauntless?

Figure out yourself, trust me you gonna love it :)

Theo james  as four a.k.a tobias

Shailene woodlands as tris a.k.a beatrice

p/s: heard the rumors said, they're dating  and I hope they will if they don't ;D

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