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March 13, 2020

New Job and crossing off my wishlist for 2020

hey guys its been a while!!! 
i hope it is not too late for me to wish you all happy 2020. March always been my fav month since  it is my birth month. and for this month i am happy to say i'm already cross a few wishlist i made early this year. 
alhamdulillah. and i being offered a job that i never imagined doing and the salary package also way better than previous one. i am thankful for the opportunity given to me and because of this corona virus or covid19 
i am being ordered to work from home for safety reason. i know some of you guys might already being told to work from home ,online meeting and what not but since i am new to the job and not familiar with  the software they are using and also it will supposed to be my first day of work i kinda freaking out. the job equipment (laptop and etc) will  be send right to my doorstep.

it is exciting but also nerve breaking (kinda happy kinda freaking out) 


i also already projected to hit another 4 wishlist this year.andddd  i will only tell you guys once i hit all the wishlist :)

the only thing that i feel comfortable to share is my saving plan. last time when i was working with previous company i am only able to save rm1000 per month.  now i want to make it double from rm1000 saving to rm2000 per month.

honestly  i could save more... but i prefer allocated some money for food and entertainment.

and i looking into something that could generate more money , adding skills and value to my own self.
tbh, i already started but i feels like i need a teacher so if anyone good in foreign exchange please guide me masta! (i am tired of being dragged to join signal group... all i wanna know is your skill to read the stock market) ;P

last 2 week i visited my grandparents and get to visit my parents and cousins  too  i miss them dearly and i really hope we will stay fit and healthy until the rest of our lives! amin 

okay that would be all for now..

 i promised to write as often as i can..

happy 10 years my precious blog. ^_^ 




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