July 31, 2015

what it's like to live in suburbs?

hello , assalamualaikum

so today i wanna talk about " what it's like to live in suburbs?

this is based on my experience . Yup guys, i live in suburbs. I know i never mentioned where my house is located , i might gave you hints before but not a specific location. So let it be my secret for the mean time.but it is somewhere in selangor ( not too far from kl and not too close. GUESS!)

i was born in the city and raised by my grandparents in perak until age 12 . and i live with my parents from age 13 until now . my parents moved to suburbs which makes me a " kampung girl" with a little city girl heart.

so what it's like to live in suburbs?

1) you get judged easily by so called city dwellers
after spm i chose private college for my diploma and  i need to attend 1 month college orientation.i dressed like a city girl and judged by a few city girl group when i told them where do i live. that was something i will never forget.

2) you don't have cool places to go
there is no starbucks,chatime here, no shopping mall just supermarket with less fashion clothes option. a few years back there were no kfc,secret recipe, mcdonald or pizza. we just had mamak stall back then but it's fine because i don't really have friends to hang out with. 

3)You get judged when you speak English
being a malaysian kampung girl who love english, being judged is a normal thing that happened to you. Luckily,social media exist!so i could talk to anyone who has the same interest with me or people who speaks the language. I have a friend from united states of america and this year is the 5th year of our friendship ( hi scott!)

i tend to save more money living here because the basic neccessity are way cheaper. You don't have to buy parking coupon or paying for tolls.

5) Road is clear even in peak hours
the traffic in suburbs is much much better compared to the city. accidents are rarely happen.

6)You need to moved out to find a better job
this is what i did 2 1/2 years ago. i moved out to shah alam and klang .
i work for 2 years and i quit because of a few reason. And this week i might be moving out again to bandar sunway. wish me luck please please please?

there are pros and cons living in suburbs but let's appreciate what we have now because there's always someone who wants to be you! :)

P/s : building a stable career life is my top priority now. Please make du'a for me okay? till then. XOXO.

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