June 15, 2016

life and etc

it's been a while since my last post here. there's a lot to write but let's just make it short and sweet.


i made friends, a few which i am a lil bit too comfortable. i don't even i think i'd finally find people to hang out like that. i'm not gonna lie. i wasn't into social before. i had friends but this circle are different. it tooks me a couple years to actually hang out with my friends before.  but this year, i could say that i am a totally different from the old me. 

let me tell you SOMETHING. 

it just took me one week to actually say yes to hang out with this group. our circle now might getting smaller since everybody were transferred to another states and  got tons of works to do, but everytime we got chance to meet up, we  would.

i'm also made new bff at my current workplace. it might be too early to say that but we're just click.it might be because we have a lot in common; (hobbies). i already considered him as one of my bff since we get along pretty well. we talk about holidays and movies a lot. almost on a daily basis we'd discuss about our fav places to go and gadgets,musics, oldschool indie band that we used to like in the past stuff like that.well as i said, we're just click. it's good to have friend like that. but just friend nothing beyond that. (no worries.. we're both taken by amazing people) ^^V

no gossip please. (i hate that)

i hope this would last forever, i might not be able to work with these guy in the long period since it's crucial for me to move to another place anytime sooner, let's just hope we'd stay friends until the end of the time! :)

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