June 28, 2016

seeking a new adventure.

oola people.

so last night i found this page called "tripadikberadik".

this page is good for  travellers whom seeks for new adventure since they offered unique way to travel. 

ever thinking about travelling to 3 different country in 9days? or travelling by mini white caravan with your family?

NO?  now you can . i feels like joining their trip next year.. so if anyone interested to join me next year.. please comment below. i need new friends to hang . someone whom are not too fussy , fun and adventureous like me.(puji diri sendiri nampak?) 

(macamlah ada orang baca) =-='

apa apa pun esok nak propose cuti  dekat lil bos. mohon beliau bagi aku cuti next year. amin..

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