August 11, 2016

felt relieved and a new project running in?

dear diary

yesterday was the day . the day i told him about my feelings. it's really awkward . he allready knew. all this while .. he knew. but he act normal. i like to be his friend. i just hoping that everything will be the same like before. only god know how relieved i am . 

he is a good man despite of  everyone say about him. he has a good heart. that is value that is not everyone have. he didn't push me away and still  wanna be friends with me. this what makes me love him even more. i meant as a friend. it's time for me to move on. i'll always pray for his happiness and mine too. 

i'll just focus on my work and building my self confidence is too early to tell you guys about this but i am dying to share it now. let me just say that i am up to something. something really big . if the project went well, i could say bye bye to my current company and probably retired young..

sounds great right? i'll just focus on the progress and stars gaining as much information as i could.

this would take up most of my time. so i need to manage my time properly. i dont want put so much expectation on this. if it's working,,, good for me. if it's not.. there's always a plan  b,c,d and e.

till then 

una mn

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