August 10, 2016


hey guys.. i'm back..

so as u know i am currently working in damansara. so my schedule is not fix but i am truly enjoy myself working there despite of the expensive-ness.

even a banana would cost me so much. (no joke)

so few days ago i went to the curve. me and my cousins were having a brunch at zawara coffee. food was nice, drinks were super good especially mine. i had a chochlate chip frappe and i ordered myseld a burger in which i already forget the name was, a churros with chochlate dip and a buffalo chicken wings.

the price is just a standart price like the normal fancy shemancy fast food  restaurant would cost you. so don't be scared to give it a try. because i was making a lil bit extra money  so i paid the bills . i only need to pay rm142 for 4 person serving and extra 2 side orders. (even cheaper than secret recipe)

so if you guys looking for a place to chill, you should visit this place. (it is located at the street the curve. you need to make a right turn in the corner once you see ben's restaurant)

after that, we went to shop a few things and just look around for sales...
anddddddddd guess whom i bumped into? his gf. 

but anyways.. she's cute though... and also...

we're enjoying a live band at asam pedas. it was so cool. after a quite a long time, i finally found peace. it was just so calming and chill evening. feels like revisit the place for a sake of a good music. i did a video but this blog couldn't support the media. if you guys wants to watch it .. just go on my instagram or facebook.

till  then ,


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