August 10, 2016

to my future self , from my present life.

ola good morning peeps.

this thing bugging me for a quite sometimes. i was legit crying inside. things shouldn't turned out this way. i could master any games no matter how hard it is. but never on this one.

the heart and mind games. i think people should really stop giving another wrong hint/ impression.
it should have a clear objection, refusal or accceptance.

human likes to complicate thing . ( i am human, so do i)

i should've say it but then i am too scared. the words itself are very hard to delivered. the consequences freak me out. what would happen next if i let it out?

what if we're just meant to be a good friend? i myself didn't see a future with him... since you know.

he doesn't look like a guy whom would take a further step in life. i mean .. marriage it just not for him.maybe he haven't thinking about that .. yet..

i'm sorry if you read this and thinking that i'm judging you... i am observing you..

not to be frank or anything. i am fatally attracted to you....

if i could avoid this feeling honey.. trust me.. i would.

i like the idea of us being a good friend...

you're there when i'm down. i will be there if you're down too. i think it is even more beautiful relationship.. and stays longer than so called love relationship..

if things meant to happen, it will happen. and no so string attach. you'll be free and i've got my wings.

no such bullshit of " why you are not replying my text?" things.
no such things as " you didn't answer my phone calls, are u with someone else?" kinda things

tbh, i'd be dying of not talking to you.. because i am clingy as fuck.

but clingy is not always good.let's enjoy our life and let's god decide.


to my future self.

you might hate me for writing this. please note that your old self is fragile and need a medium to express her feelings.1 year from now, everything would be different. i might have a crush on another guy. or in a new relationship of someone i haven't met yet. or get married

i'll never know..

it's good to be back on here. i might be posting a few more entries this coming week.

so ttyl


una mn.
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