August 3, 2016

girls do what girls do best.

hi guys.. 

it's been a while since my last post here. ( i always came out with the same intro didn't i?)  HAHA


as time flies, there're a lot happening in  my life. i am currently giving myself a break from any relationship. 
but somehow, my heart was stolen by a great guy. again.

we're not dating. we're just friend. close friend.

i don't know much about him. he's probably dating someone else and i didn't put much expectation on him. he was just a great companion. someone whom i can go to and ask advices from. 

my ex is nice tho. he's trying hard to win me over but still ..

honey, how could you fix a broken heart? 

we're rarely contact each other. i get myself busy with works and stuff. trying to boost back  my confidence level to 100%  and self treat whenever i get the chance.

like what i did just now.

i am always into sephora's cosmetics and i get myself a chloe perfume since this is one of my fav perfume by far. And i also bought  a few clothes from my fav store and a few accessories from lovisa. 

shopping is indeed the best theraphy for us women. couldn't wait to make more and more money in future so i could do this often. 

i also bumped into my ex boss. she was surprised to see me. i totally forgot that i lie to her about my current job. i felt sorry for her since the outlets that we're putting our sweat off previously need to closed down. but anyway i wish she will be able to find a new project to run and may the bussiness expand gloriously. amin

till then

una mn

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