August 27, 2016

keep your private life private and my make up addiction.

hi guys.

so today i am supposed to work on the evening shift. Alone

i woke up early today doing chores, get everything done and finally i got time for myself. watching make up tutorials. these girls got me thinking how do they afford these expensive make up when they are not even working?

too faced,kylie jenner lip collections,mac,tarte,naked pallete,nars, urban decay and the list goes on.Probably because they get paid for doin review or because they comes from a rich family. let's not judge them shall we?

after watching those tutorials, i admit that i am a bit excited to get my hands on those collection. to be completely honest, i only have 1 lipstick, and 2 liptint.right on this moment. Being adult with commitments,you can't really buy things you got bills to pay, a stomach to feed, saving money for emergencies and etc. 

i know there would be guy who said that i don't need all of these make up to make myself pretty, and saying that  guy prefer girls with a bare face. honey remember the last time i asked your opinion about this?
NO? me neither . so shut your mouth and go away :)

some might be wondering what i do for living? where do i live? where do i work? (because i just read my email. my long lost blogger buddy were asking these question)

i think no matter how talkative you are in real life or in social network there should be boundaries/limit/secret.

this blog has been around for 7 years and it is just my tradition to keep my private life old post might contain my old past self, immature even. if you wanted to know  how my life has change you just need to read my old post . ( i hope you dont)

till then 


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