August 19, 2015

exercising control, control freak and the path i should have been taken.


hi, i didn't have much time to visit your blog because i'm currently working but i will do so on my free time. today my "senior" N supposed to teach us a few things before she left on november, me and my cousin were on a morning shift. the traffic in kl were pretty bad though and we were late for work as we were rushing to our outlet, i saw a man was there. whoa.... i thought it was A ( our part time baker), as soon as he turned his face i saw a manager from one utama outlet! 



Mr S was a former Midvalley manager , luckily he didn't scold us ! so i decided to helping him in the kitchen while my talkative cousin in the front. That was an AWKWARD SILENCE for a moment because i feel bad about my discipline T_T. Until he break the ice. He is a man of a few words, he didn't talk much and a year younger than me. after all i respect him for being a great tutor. He teach me how to bake, a really basic things that every manager should've known. I could see that it is his passion, as for me i love make up, music and movies more than anything. But i could bake as well. but not as good as him or N. 

talking about N, she is a nice girl but sometimes i'm misunderstand of her silence. Pretty strict and firm but as for now everything went well between us both.She's patiently teach me on how to handle our outlet.


i'm new on this management field.everything is new, but i felt like this is the thing i've always wanted to do. i exercise control on everything. some might say that i am a control freak! ;"). but everything in moderation might give a positive impact on our life,. right?

i find myself being more productive human being not just sitting in the office doing paperwork . this might too early to make a conclusion but i think  the path that i though were just a diverted road for a mean time is the path i should've followed years ago. 

i just feel that way :)

and ohh... i should change for the better outcome and get enough rest . 

till then ttyl 


una mn .

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