January 4, 2016

career talk and the lost path

well hello everyone

i don't know where to start but i just wanna tell you guys that a few days ago , i am officially resigned from my previous job. i am having hard times to choose my path now because i have multiple interest. it is so confusing until i can't tell what i am gonna do next. at one side i think it would be better for me to just continued with the engineering world which is contruction world.since i have experience in that area. but at one side i think i just wanna forget construction world and just get started with my bussiness and making money out of it.


but things are not that simple. bussiness need time to develop. some people takes a few week to success, some takes a few months but most of well know successfull people takes years. But that is not the main problem now. People whose involved in bussiness need to be prepared mentally, financially and emotionally.

and i am now financially and mentally unstable.  i guess i just have to find one job that could brush up my sale skills and probably could stabilize  my mood too.

i am facing a lot of pressure from the elderly which makes me require a lot of alone time than before. 
i don't hate them for asking . they were just curious. but sometimes i am having hard times to even answer to that questions , because believe me  i myself don't  even know the answer yet though.

i know you guys might be laughing at me now. silly me. this is the only thing that i was certain of. 

" i am clueless about the next step, and just do  what i have to do  and let GOD decide"

i have done this multiple times, i believe in HIM, i know HE know best. OBVIOUSLY, HE IS GOD, HOW COULD HE DIDN'T KNOW WHAT IS BEST FOR ME? *wink*

i have been receiving a few side job offers which require me to be extra creative and brainstorming ideas. thank you for trusting me, i didn't know that there are actually REAL people whose following my blog since everyone are crazy over snapchat and instagram now. if you have any project collaboration offer please email me at n.izzatihusna@gmail.com .

i think i have writers block now. it is a perfect time to end the line. thank you for reading.

p/s: have a sweet dream cutie pie! :D

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