January 26, 2016

my failure story

hey guys,

recently i read a lot of succes stories. it sooooo inspiring . i couldn't resist to write one. but i am not successfull yet , but i think it doesn't hurt anyone to share my failure story. a lot of people including myself afraid of failure. the word itself is so strong until it makes you scared to even try. 

guys, trust me failure is just a learning process. keep exercising that thought until you got no fear to try new things. (this is only applicable for good things. i am not encouraging you to try on drugs or whatsoever prohibited activity)

okay , sorry i digress

if you know me for a long time , you would know i had bussiness.
multiple type of bussiness. on 2010 i had a lenses bussiness. it's going so well for years. until the malaysian government took it down. it just so hard for me since i'm getting used to have money. i had  sort of "luxurious lifestyle". i didn't earned much but trust me back in 2010  era , there are so many things i could buy with that money. i had mcdonalds every day! i am not lying to you. it just i love mcdonalds. and kinder bueno. i didn't drink sparkling water from machine that our college provided. i buy from 7 eleven everyday. and every bottle cost me rm2.50. i bought 2 bottle everyday. my living cost per day was like rm50.
 i can't even spend that much on 2016 . not on a daily basis.

just imagine how spoiled brat i looks like in the past. no honey, i am not a spoiled brat. i earned that money by myself. 

so after malaysian government took my bussines down,  i started another bussines. but i was scammed by suppliers. it was really broke my heart you know. i rested for a good 2 years. 

i took a baby step again. i try on new product. the bussiness evolved . i got my own fanpage.i learned a lot of marketing strategies.but i didn't have much time. my bussiness running for a year.bussiness was pretty good, much much better than the previous one. but i am impatient. my salary from construction and my bussiness can't afford my lifestyle. i failed and completely losing myself once again.

on 2015 i quit my bussiness. i jumped in a new world. i learned how to bake .
i learned how to managed a bussiness.  i quit last december . now, i am battling with my life once again. on the early 2016 my life hasn;t been so good. 

there were so many things happening in my life right now. but let's not get right into it.  now it's time to put aside those unnecessary things and start again!

if you are having a tough life please don't give up on your life. all of us are amazing. you are amazing. we are in this together and you are not alone.

p/s: wish me luck guys. love you :)

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