November 8, 2010

akan menghilangkan diri.?

yesterday i have read something
ya.. really impressed me..
and i feel something yang semakin berubah di dalam diri.
i think i would be better if i take a simple step 
to be silence..mahu diamkan diri 
mahu delete personal picture
as i was think it before..
mahu orang kenal saya tanpa melihat wajah saya.
i will continued writing this blog as my hobby
and for my followers i'm thankful for having u guys in my life
thanks cheer me up
this is the last day(maybe)
u guys dapat tengok pic i..
i tidak ada apa2 tekanan perasaan sedih semasa menulis ini..
cuma mahu rasa lebih ikhlas.. 
bye2 my hunny  bunny.. 
wish me luck..!!!

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