April 20, 2015

How to take a picture in a flat lay?

i am new in photography. being an active instagram user and having a bussines online requires me to enhance my photography skills.flat lay is one of my new fav photography position. i could say that i am a master of making someone looks pretty on screen. I could learn their best angle in a few minutes but in a flat lay i am a total noob. 

To shoot a best picture in a flat lay , you need to have at least one piece of white hard card board so you can throw out your best clothes and accessories on it. with a little adjustment here and there, you will have multiple of good pictures to be posted on social media. now, how awesome is that?

be sure to have a good lighting. if you are running your own bussines like me , you might needed your own studio lamp . it might cost you 638GBP or rm3k++ .as for me i didn't have one .. yet.but i am considering to get one of those in future. in a mean time , i use my decent flash from iphone5s to replace the studio lamp. 

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