November 15, 2011

tamat sudah final exam semester 5 :)

assalamuaikum followers, my sweetheart, my lovely bloggers,
i miss you all since i take a little break cz i'm have a final exam to get through
and now i'm free .
so part 5 of civil engineering already finish.
i praise lord above cz give me strength while taking all the paper
and hopefully i will passes with flying colours.
 Thanks ya to those who still drop down comment,
visit my blog, even i cant visit you back on that time
so now i wanna visit u back and give double triple comment
to your entry .

oh ya there's the list of subject that i take for this semester

pendidikan islam
design of steel
analysis structure
highway(kejuruteraan jalan raya dan lalu lintas)

 p/s: sem 5 dah habis, daftar sem 6 on 14 dec cant wait, last word.. good day everyone!
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